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Industry on Parade: How are we doing?
Annual Meeting 1978
Creative Establishment: DuPont Shareholders Meeting
G. Probst 'Q & A' re Annual Meeting
1984 Annual Meeting of Stockholders
1988 Annual Stockholders Meeting Source Tape #1 and Tape #2
1986 A/V Show Special Advertising Presentation
Sperry Corp. Annual Meeting 1979
Sperry Stockholders Meeting
MCI 1989 Annual Stockholder's Meeting
MCI Annual Stockholders' Meeting-Tape 1a
1994 Annual Shareholders Meeting
1992 Annual Stockholders Meeting
MCI Press Conference
Senior Management Stockholder Presentation
MCI Annual Stockholders Meeting Tape 2
1991 Stockholders' Meeting-Switched Master
Annual Meeting of Stockholders of the Radio Corporation of America