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Last Meeting: One for the Books
Ernest J. Zingg to Herbert Belar (September 4, 1952)
C.L. Apker to Herbert Belar (December 3, 1957)
Electronic Music Synthesis
Electronic Music Synthesizer
William B. Hutchins to David Sarnoff Research Organization (December 30, 1957)
Harry F. Olson to Herbert Belar (May 17, 1968)
Arthur V. Loughren to Herbert Belar (October 29, 1957)
Synthesizer Demonstration
The Electronic Music Synthesizer
Demonstration of Synthesis of Music program
An Alliance of Science and the Arts
New Developments in Electronics
The Synthesis of Music (An illustrated story of the advances in musical engineering) : Part I
Correspondence, Herbert Belar and M.W. Scheldorf