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William G. McGowan to Customers and Friends
William G. McGowan Speech at Customer Breakfast
Richard J. Hanna to Jerry Taylor
Metropolitan Areas Served by the Nationwide MCI Long Distance Network
Wholesalers Attacking Ma Bell
Angry AT&T Customer
AT&T is only People like you and me
Reach out. Reach out and touch someone!
Yes, Sir! Representative Wirth's Phone System is all Installed
Downstown cartoon
Rate Hike
Editorial Cartoon in the Chicago Tribune
William G. McGowan's Remarks at Managers' Meeting
$1 For a few Minutes of your Time
McGowan Attributes MCI Success to Customer Satisfaction
Carl M. Vorder Bruegge to Distribution
MCI Adopts 900 Service Consumer Safeguards
Comprehensive Study of Customer Satisfaction
A Customer Satisfaction Study, Wave I