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Don Pedro and the du Pont Textile Mills
The Delaware Woolen Industry
The DuPont Woolen Venture
E. I. du Pont: Promoter of Manufactures
Correspondence, John Warner to E. I. du Pont, 1811-01-01
Merino Woolen Cloth Manufactory
Translation, Articles of Associations of the Establishment of a Woolen Factory on the Brandywine
Scheme for Carrying on a Manufactory of Woolen Cloth
Articles d'association pour l'etablishment d'une manufacture de Laines sur le Brandywine
A Motivational Study of the Factors which Influence the Purchase and Non-Purchase of 'All Pure Wool' Products among Women
The Wool Gap' A Psychological Study of Women's Attitudes towards Wool
Kinderhook Wool Depot
Everybody Uses Felt: A General Description of the Origin, Structure, Evolution, Utilization, Technology and Potentials of This Natural Derivative of Wool
Lawrence, MA-Woolen Industry-Wool mill of the American Woolen Company
English Combing-Gilling 2nd operation
The Ohio Story: Adam's Rinos
Erben, Search and Co. worsted mill in Tacony, Pa.
Conshohocken Woolen Mills in Conshohocken , Pa.
Paterson Woolen Mills in Germantown, Pa.