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'A Study of Young People'
Clippings and articles, Macaroni Journal (1978)
Beecham International Holdings S.A - Brylcreem narrative and slides
Clairol, Inc./Bristol-Myers Company - Swingsetter narrative and slides
Beecham International Holdings S.A - Brylcreem correspondence
Dairylea Cooperative Incorporated - Dairylean Cottage Cheese narrative and slides
Yardley - Gift packaging design, narrative and slides
Summary of a Psychological Research Study on the Sales and Advertising Problems of Palmolive Soap
The Adolescent Soap Market: Development of Soap Attitudes in Young Women and Girls with Specific Reference to Palmolive Soap
A Progress Report of a Motivational Research Study on Falstaff's Position in the Northern California Beer Market
Motivational Research Study in the Field of Toys for Mattel Toys, Inc.