National Urban League publications, 1930-1960

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The Committee on Urban Conditions Among Negroes in New York was established in 1910 to assist black migrants arriving from the rural South in adjusting to life in the urban North. Following a series of mergers, the organization's name was changed and shortened to the National Urban League in 1920.

    The interracial coalition of civil rights advocates that made up the League adopted a mission to help African-Americans "to secure economic self-reliance, parity, power and civil rights." This mission was manifested through the provision of community-based social services, advocacy on the behalf of black workers, and other efforts to address the problems black Americans faced in securing equal access to employment, recreation, education, housing, medical care, and government services.
    This digital collection contains publications in the Hagley Library's catalog that were issued by the national and regional branches of the Urban League. In addition to the publications below, the Library also carries Opportunity: A Journal of Negro Life, an academic and literary journal published by the National Urban League from 1923 to 1949. To view the catalog record for this publication, click here.
    Image: National Urban League 40th Anniversary Logo, 40th Anniversary Year Book, 1951, inside covers. To view this item in the digital collection, click here.

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