Public Affairs Committee pamphlets

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    This digital collection of twenty-five pamphlets dating from 1936 to 1956 contains the Hagley Library’s holdings of the publications of the Public Affairs Committee. Founded in 1936, the Committee’s editorial and publishing mission was to synthesize and summarize contemporary research on social and economic problems in the United States for popular public consumption in the form of accessible, affordable pamphlets.
    Between 1936 and 1986, the Committee published over two hundred pamphlets on topics ranging from industrial policy, war and society, medical science, income distribution, consumer protection, economic policy, gender inequality in the workplace, the social sciences, and more.
    While its approach to these topics sometimes led to accusations of socialist or un-American sympathies, its most controversial publications addressed race relations, particularly ‘The Races of Mankind’ (1946), which was banned from use in the U.S. Army for its rejection of biological theories about racial hierarchy.
    Image: The American Way : Business Freedom or Govenment Control? (1944), page 29. Click here to view this pamphlet.

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