Sperry Corporation, UNIVAC Division

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A selection of items from a collection that documents Sperry's UNIVAC Division and predecessor organizations including the Remington Typewriter Company, the Rand Kardex Company, and the Sperry Gyroscope Company. The content of the digital collection primarily includes product images of computers from the 1950s to 1970s. The collection has not been digitized in its entirety. For a detailed description of the entire collection, click here to view the finding aid.

    Image: UNIVAC 9300 system. Click to view.

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ENIAC printer, the constant transmitter, and associated IBM equipment
Caption: \"Girl on left is inserting a deck of cards containing initial data on which the ENIAC will operate, while girl on right is removing a set of cards which represent the result of the preceding computation.\" Women identified: Betty Jennings (left) and Frances Bilas (right).
Homer Spence examining an ENIAC digit tray
Caption: \"Professor Homer Spence, one of the maintenance engineers, examining a digit tray. These trays consist of eleven conductors and a ground. These shielded wires carry the ten different groups of pulses as well as the sign indication.\
First COBOL - exchange of programs RCA and UNIVAC
Grace Hopper at right. Man in center is Charles A. Phillips.
Grace Hopper and others with UNIVAC System
Left to right: K.C. Krishna, Laura Yu, Donald Sullivan, George Schmalen Berger, Frederick Tweed, Grace Hopper, and Frank Lagan.