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The trade journal The American Brewer was founded by Adolph Meckert in New York City in 1867 to serve the nation's growing beer brewing industry. As many of the country's brewers were German immigrants, the journal began publication in German, under the title Der Amerikanische Bierbrauer.

    Within a year of its founding, it was purchased by its writer and editor, the Bohemian immigrant Anton Schwarz, a trained brewer who would go on to establish the United States Brewers’ Academy in 1882. Schwarz, who died in 1895, passed ownership and editorial responsibilities of the journal to his sons, Robert and Frederick.
    Each journal issue contains scientific articles, production figures, industry news from around the world, and advertisements from brewery suppliers and manufacturers of brewery equipment. Click here to see the Hagley Library's catalog record for this title.
    Image: Advertisement, The American Brewer vol. 72, no. 3 (March, 1939), p. 8. Click here to view the full issue.

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