Winterthur Manuscripts

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The Henry Francis du Pont collection of Winterthur Manuscripts contains the oldest surviving du Pont family documents and comprises the personal papers of those portions of the du Pont family that descended to Colonel Henry Algernon du Pont and his son, Henry Francis du Pont of Winterthur. This online collection is a small selection of materials from the Winterthur Manuscripts. Among the digitized materials are a few items relating to Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours, including his correspondence with Thomas Jefferson concerning the Louisiana Purchase. The online collection also contains selected business correspondence of Eleuthére Irénée du Pont and Alfred Victor du Pont dating from 1802 to 1863 as well as the correspondence of the marine painter Xanthus Russell Smith with Sophie du Pont dating from 1863 to 1887. Click here for a detailed description of the Winterthur Manuscripts.

    Image: Thomas Jefferson to Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours, 1803-11-01, detail. Click to view.

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